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To God be the glory!!!

Greetings everyone, I know its been awhile since I've posted, and really there isn't any excuse. We as business people, leaders and parents, or should I just rephrase this to speak on only myself.

I had become so busy doing things for others by deed, that I had forgotten how important it is to sit and share your thoughts with others that may need it or can relate to yours.

During my recent caregiving on behalf of my elderly clients and my ill sister, I forgot about myself, but my body didnt. And as I began to approach 60 this year on Masrch 1st, or it approached me. Whichever I knew I needed to come to a place of caring for myself brfore I cvould think of caring for anyone else.

And just as I decided to pray about the will that God has for my life, I began to come to a place of resting, not just in my body, but in my mind and spirits too. As the dsys progressed and my birthday arrived, I felt the change of resistance to doing what I had a passion for 40 years. My maturity in admitting and accepting the time of change was a God given experience that caused my mind to not only thinkon that which was taking place, but also my body was adjusting as well as to the resting. Not having to be busy.

I've learned and experienced in this journey of change and through the latest tragedy in my life, that change comes from different angles and aspects of living life, and you dont know which way it may come to stall your very being.

My life was stalled on June 24th by a fire, leaving me with 2nd and 3rd degree burns along with surgery to repair areas. This change took me to a place that I hadnt experienced before, and belive me I've had some changes in my life....But God!!!

I just want to encourage someone that may be going through a change of hardships, dealing with scars such as myself. There are scars that we experince in different forms, past and present. But whatever your scars, wheteheer physical, mental, emotional, internal, it doesnt matter. You must know that if someone has spoken negative words over you that has caused mental scars you can overcome them by encouraging yourself. Because our scars are a sign of Victory that we made it through, no matter what theattack.

Just know that God is the Healer! And we have the strenght of God to see us through the change of His transforming power, that sets the path to lead us to our destiny!


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