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Greetings to all, I know it's been awhile since I've been here in this place to interact with everyone. There has been and is so much flowing in our atmosphere at such a level where time is so precious and valuable whereas we must make the most of our journeys towards our salvation. Our Father God is such an amazing God that we must value our time with him more importantly as well.

Ive come into this place of having a desire to serve God's children with the wisdom that has been so freely given unto myself with each and everyone of you concerning all things on earth as it is in heaven; says The Lord of Host!

There are so many topics to choose from, but the one that's been tugging in my spirit; is single motherhood and the value of importance it has in our society.

There are so many mothers standing in the gap not just for their children but for the children of their children's children's. And I would like to just take a moment of time and address it with a lot of love and encouragement. That spells out for myself and the many single mothers that daily strive to continue on in no respect nor acknowledgement even in the midst of none or little appreciation.

We have been overlooked and outcast, outlast and held responsible for others that have not played their part in the upbringing of our children. This topic is not about fault finding nor is it about attention for gain...but it's about acknowledgement in our our fight... our tenacity...our ability to keep it moving when the going gets rough and the road gets long and the loneliness starts to take its toll and you're truly trying to hold on to brokeness with being broken. Hurting without showing or feeling hurt outwardly. But inwardly internalizing all that has plagued you since going it alone started from the very beginning.

You see some of us single mothers never stood a chance, it started in the very beginning of a broken promise, a thought of a dream that never came true. A marriage that was plagued and ended before it started , because it truly started without the promises of God! Signed and sealed and delivered but by the wrong authorized authority.

Oh and the true that some of us never have made it to the first base of even being asked about marriage before baby or babies. We acted upon what was seen and done during our upbringing of a cycle called generational mentorship.

See I was mentored I thought to do as I saw and see it as it was, but because I was never taught to look any further than what I could see, because she, my mother and I'm sure the many other single mothers were dealt our same hand, but coming from a generation of a much more cycle of hidden secrets untold for such a time in thier upbringing of forbidden talks. In some cases I believe mentorship was not thought of given so many hardships in the struggle of single parenting.

You saw nieghborhood, family, friends, an atmosphere filled with corner stores surrounded with drug users and dealers, peers pregnant and still in school, their mothers pregnant alongside them teaching the same story they were told and taught.

It it is so important and prevalent today that we....The single mothers of God...and please do not take this out of perspective misunderstanding the substance to what I'm saying; I believe that my single mother and all the single mothers of old were mothers of God!

But I'm speaking to and for the singles mothers of God that have been chosen for such a time as this, to change the game and reshuffle the deck of cards that were dealt us coming up.

To restake some claims and promises that were made to our single mothers through their strenghth that resides within us and through the strength of Our Father God that not only covers and carries, but sees us through it all!

So to all the single mothers today and mothers all over the world, let's reshuffle the cards and deal a hand to our children that consist of ; not the joker, But The King! Helping them comprehend that He comes first and foremost in their lives, and holds all power in his hand! Secondly Love, Joy and peace along with the fruits of the spirit.Then and only then can they play the hand dealt afterwards, that comes with life. We will pair up Thier cards with confidence, uniqueness and strength; giving them the ability to walk and work out thier own salvation through The Son, Jesus Christ The Lord and Our Savior Victoriously in all things!

So as we close: The Father, The Son and The Spirit of The Holy Ghost

Keep praying and pressing and God will Keep providing! Genesis 22:14

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning! Psalms 30:5

You must know that what once was has been perfected to be victorious in our lives and our

children and their children's children.

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