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Good morning everyone,

I'm coming before you this morning with a topic of discussion about Pain.....

There are many types of pain, there's sickness pain, abuse pain, rejection pain, outcast pain, relationship pain, loneliness pain, pain of losing something or someone.

But the common factor to these isolated pains is that we feel it, cause pain is pain anyway you look at it, it hurts. I'm lead to talk about pain, because if we don't begin to address our pains and keep putting a smile on our faces then we can never heal from them and we will only hinder our Healer from his ability to heal us.

Pain, when not dealt with, is like a silent internal disease that will continue to eat you up on the inside and eventually will began to spread its bacteria to the outside in anger, through your attitude and behavior.

We wake up each day, making up our faces ladies, putting on our lipstick but we have cried all night in pain. Men we get up everyday, dress to impress with attire that makes us look strong, but on the inside we're hurting, because we've lost our way, or whatever the case maybe.

Our youth, Our children, young ladies and young men are in pain...going through their young adulthood thinking its normal and it's not, because it's what they see in the adults amongst them in their households and in their daily lives of friends and family dealing with and just living in painful situations.

There are so many people in pain, internal pain, hurting because no one knows or they don't deal with it openly, because we're taught through seeing first hand and by society to not talk about it. But deal with it. But how? How can I deal with something that hurts so bad and blinds my ability to even think or comprehend at the time when I only have questions... Why has this happen to me? Why am I going through this? Why did he or she do this to me? Who can I tell or talk to?

Your healer Jesus! and your friends and family or someone who you truly know cares and will understand and be there to see you healed.

To whomever this is meant to help today, yesterday and forevermore, women, men, young or old as well as the youth and more so our young generation. Know that Pain has no place in your life and you don't have to put up with it. It doesn't matter what categories your pain fits in because:

God is your Healer!!!

You don't have to keep wearing a smile, when your pain is unbareable. Day after day covering up your hurts and pains from your past or even from your present. Whether you've been dealing with a sickness or bad relationship, or marriage, a long term illness, loneliness or rejection, physical or verbal abuse or just the pain from being beaten and battered through life's hardships. Whatever it may be.

Hold on!!!

There are people that understand, those that are going through just like you. You're not alone. The solution is that you have a voice and a choice and you can today receive the courage to change the things that you can through Christ Jesus! By praying and reading, receiving and believing these Promises of God's word to see you through and give you access to your healing process.

God will grant you a healing through his word as it is written:

Isaiah 55:3-4} Jere 8:22 -30:17} Proverbs 4:20-23} Psalms 107:19-20}James 5:13-16}

Acts 4:29-30}1 John 5:14-15}3 John 2} Malachi 3:6

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