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The Vision

2 Cor. 5:7, " We walk by faith and not by sight, we run with the vision, with an expectancy of lives being transform be the power of God. Renewing and reforming the negative to a restorative positive in the lives of God's children. Teaching through kingdom principles what they were created to do here on earth, and the purpose that God has for them. Building confidence, with an empowering boldness to encourage all through the power of God; that they shall walk in the purpose and plan he has for their lives. 

The Ministry 

A place in my heart, established by God to comfort his children, from the least to the greatest all over the world; to help build their faith level in God through worship, flowing in the anointing, allowing God's presence to lead, guide, direct, and provide. Teaching them how to let go and let God, to build better mind sets and stand productive in a level of spiritual maturity in their daily lives f society. Making a difference in them towards becoming spiritually ordained to impact the lives of others. 

The Foundation

A place built upon the rock on which it stands, lowing in the teachings, through his kingdom principles and operating under the jurisdiction of the spirit of the holy Ghost. To save, transform, deliver and set free his children, for them to become his disciples; and keep God's cycle of freedom flowing into this world and His children, the next generation establishing the new heaven and earth.

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