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To God Be The Glory!

Good afternoon, as I sat here today,Gods revealed word for me and for you is; TRUTH....and the substance to what God has declared as his Word! was placed on my heart; and here is where I found myself on the blog.

The truth can hurt you or it can change you...ask yourself which will it do for you?

We must understand that Gods word is called The Gospel Truth. And its intentions is to help us in the areas where we struggle when faced with situations that are truly involving others as well as ourselves.

When we truly comprehend and cover all areas of getting to the real issues and confronting them and the people in our lives with what is and has been so detrimental to our moving forward in victory to roam in heavenly places, we must realize that there are those that are not going to be able to accept or understand Gods real truth or ours in our effort to move on ; but it must be told.

So today, I pray that someone who reads this and are struggling with truth, telling the truth, walking in Gods truth or just making your truths known, will be set free to do so!

For as it is written: John 8:23-32

Jesus had finished a speech at the temple where he delineated differences between himself and his listeners. You are from below and I from above....If you hold to my teachings you are really my disciples, meaning..true disciples will know the truth, more than that, their eyes are opened to a greater understanding of the truth.(1 John 5:20) The truth Jesus disciples receive brings with it freedom.

Jesus continues, "And the truth will set you free" (v. 32) Jesus is The Truth (John 14:6)

I encourage us today, to live as people who are free, not using our feelings, faults,or reasons for a cover-up for evil intentions, or just not wanting to hurt someone or keep ourselves upheld behind a lie.

But lets began living as servants of God! Despite the consequence we may face in our personal lives, with family, friends, or foes as well as in ministry! Because The Truth...told is what we all need..Right Now! Says; The Lord of Host!

Gods Love

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