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Good evening everyone.

As I sat here in the sanctuary on this day after service, I came to the understanding of Gods revealed knowledge that our lives are divinely authorized by the father and that it is his power that works in us that causes us to be able to be broken gracefully, understanding that as we surrender our all to him it brings great joy to his heart!

And in our continued journey of his saving grace, we can walk maturely in his hand of salvation able to withstand anything that comes our way. Because we know that it is the Shepherd that is in leadership and that we're just his sheep learning step by step the way of living truly and honestly in the divine will of God!

I've come to this place in my life and I'm sure others that read this may as well have come to this level of understanding that its OK to say; Hear I'am God arms wide open pouring my life and heart out to you to do as you will. There comes a time in your life, in which I'am now where you really know that you must give up The Ghost! I've made the decision to turn the care and the will of my life and my children's over to The Father, The God of Heaven and Earth! I've truly come to know that I know that I know that HE IS THE KEEPER OF MY SOUL!

Today I want to encourage someone that may be feeling like you don't know where you are with God, or if you even believe that you have a relationship, or if God even cares or knows you exist. Well I'm here to assure you God knows every hair on your head as it is written:Matthew 10:30-32. He also knows your heart and the desires you have to know him closer. In everything there is a time and a season and God has it in his will. You don't have to feel as if you're not doing or accomplishing what you see of others. What you need to know is that to walk with God is to have the desire to walk with him, and how you accomplish that is by being in need of the father and then seeking him in and for that need. It will be the only need you will have to have is a "seek the Lord' need! The scripture tells us in Psalms 34:10, Those who seek the Lord lack no good thing!

For me to lack no good thing, is for my needs to not be attached to worldly stuff; but to be spiritually connected to The Fathers will for me in my journey of my salvation. So to inspire you or someone that is standing in the need of God, let our needs be a closer relationship, his forgiveness, grace and mercy but most of all his love for us! And then as it is written: Matthew 6:33, If we seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto us! All the things we need.

And in closing, always be mindful no matter what the situation or circumstances that may be going on in your life yesterday, today and forevermore:

God is the keeper of your soul!!

Love you with the, Love of God!

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