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T.W-T.T.-T.L. - Out-Reach to Youth Ministry

The Vision: Is to help inspire and empower the youth in our surrounding communities, to be able to express themselves through our "Hear Our Voice" Christian Girls Rock Movement Organization: where they share different issues of daily living. Also to help them in their educational skills of any status. Strengthening their confidence in themselves by allowing self-awareness discussions concerning family , school, attitude, character, and behaviors; dealing with authority as well as learning to become submissive to authority in a negative situation. Teaching through kingdom principles to not apply a negative to positive situation in any areas, atmospheres or circumstance.

Our Mission: To help the youth become positive thinkers and healthy productive members in their communities as as society, for themselves and the next generation.

Our Value Statement: Is the five guiding principles that dictate who we are and how we treat our youth, our community and each other and the core values we stand for as a whole body.

Selfless: Concerned more with the needs and wishes of  others.

Compassionate: Showing love, care, and understanding for others.

Motivated: Having the desire to inspire and influence others in doing something good.

Overcomers: Refusing to be defined by any opposed circumstances that stood in the way.

Helping: Always to meet the needs of God's children from the least to the greatest.

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